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Guizhou Chienyeh Pharmaceutical Packing Co., Ltd., original name “Guizhou Chienyeh Plastics Co.,Ltd”, founded in December, 1993, is a leading enterprise specializing in manufacturing class I PVC Films and class I plastic bottles for pharmaceutical packaging in China, we are the first pharmaceutical packaging enterprise to obtain 5 series of class I pharmaceutical packaging registration certificates in Guizhou province. Our main product series are widely applied in such pharmaceutical packaging solution areas as tablets, capsules,injection, oral liquid,etc.  

Chienyeh has successfully been listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (New Three Board) on Sep 2nd, 2014, its the first pharmaceutical packaging enterprise to land on New Three Board system in China. Our Stock name is Chienyeh Pharmaceutical Packaging and our Stock code is 831056.

 Chienyeh has successively been nominated as “Guizhou Provincial Technology and Research Center”, “Guiyang City PVC Pharmaceutical Packaging Engineering and Technology research Center”and also has been awarded many more honors as “ Chinese Medicine Industry Prominent Contributor”,”Chinese Packaging Outstanding Brand”, “ Guizhou Provincial Well-known Trademark”, “The Most Growth Enterprises in Guizhou Province”,“ The Excellent Enterprise of Guiyang Intellectual Property Example Enterprises ” ,“The Builders of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Guiyang City”,“The Shuangyou Enterprise of Product and Service Quality in Guiyang City” , “A Outstanding Unit of Scientific Instrument and Equipment Sharing Platform in Guiyang City”,“An Excellent Unit of Equipment Management in Guiyang City”,etc. Meanwhile, we also have been rated as “Outstanding Supplier” and “Best Business Partner” by our customers.

Our manufacturing base was constructed according to the standards of Management of Packaging Materials and Containers for Direct Contact with Drugsissued by China Food and Drug Administration. Our base Covers more than 40 acres, of which, 15066 square meters for Standard production plants. We have set branch companies and offices one and after in Chengdu, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Hunan,Shaanxi, etc. The quantity of our customers is totally more than 600, most of them come from provinces,cities and municipalities of China.  

In recent years, Chienyeh commitments to a national torch program project, a major industrial structure adjustment project from National Development and Reform Commission,  a few of provincial plannings, from which, we have won the awards such as “China Packaging Science and Technology Innovation Excellence Award”,  The third prize from “Guizhou provincial science and technology achievement Award”,The Second prize from “Guiyang Outstanding New Product Award”,etc.

 We have successfully declared 22 pieces of national patents,now, 12 pieces have been passed , 2 pieces of patents of inventions from exclusive licenses.So far, Chienyeh has transformed 2 pieces of hi-tech products.

        Successfully been listed on “New Three Board” means Chienyeh has normally entered in capital markets,which has broaden Chienyeh’s financing channels. Our company will carry out the scale merger and acquisition in China’s pharmaceutical packaging area and will constantly expand the scale of production and the market volumes in order to offer adequate and systematic services to the pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad with the target to be the top-ranking pharmaceutical packaging supplier in China,even in the world.  

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